Colombia Bogota North Mission

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 1!

Im alive! I only have about 8 minutes to write you guys and Im not used to these keys because theyre old so this will be short. The CCM is so fun! and small, it is way smaller than I thought it would be. Its essentially a stake center with 15 dorm rooms and a super small cafeteria. Currently there are only 14 missionaries here but a lot more are coming soon so it will probably be between 60 and 100 in the next few days from what I understand. On the plane from atlanta I met Elder Jorgensen who is from Utah and speaks no spanish and Elder Mejia who is from Dalls and speaks perfect English and spanish and has been our translator. Theyre both really cool. Currently Im also rooming with Elder Solorio from Mexico who deosnt talk to me much because he cant and Elder Alvarez who tries to talk to me and me him but we cant communicate much. At breakfast we met the other north american missionaries and they are super fun and funny and then we met a few of the teachers and theyve been helping us get set up. Theyre also super nice and funny so basically everyone here is great and its super fun even though I can only say a few things to the latinos. Its great that Elder Mejia came with us its been a huge blessing. I met the CCM president and his wife and they are both super nice and from san diego. I wonder how well Ill get to know them with the small number of missionaries. Excuse my lack of punctuation this keyboard is freaky and I dont want to waste time trying to figure it out but I guess I just did typing this. The dorms are really small and jam packed with 6 people and for breakfast we had eggs that were really good but no one got seconds so neither did I. Maybe they dont do that here. Ill have to postpone getting fat but Oh well. So yeah this place is basically just a stake center and the 4 week elders said they feel really confined. Im helping some escape tonight. just kidding (in case this is screened). Even though Ive just gotten books and met with the CCM president Ive really enjoyed today. Even with 4 hours of sleep because of a delayed flight where I sat next to a large European man who took up one fifth of my seat. Ive decided to try and talk to the latinos and when I can they really enjoy my effort but usually I cant think f what to say because I either forgot or font know the vocabulario. Oops sorry Im so immersed in the language I sometimes switch between Ingles and spanish. Oops I did it again. Well Ill probably get kicked off soon but I love you guys and everything is good here. Ill let you know about the normal routine once that starts. Love you so much! 

p.s. for any freinds reading this I am proud to announce that I finally achieved my goal of crying. I owe Emily and Eliana thanks for that but I only cried once. Im hoping to bring the numbers up soon

Con amor

Elder Downing

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