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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Giron Week 13

Last week we preached the gospel. Like super hard. We had a really good week though. We've sifted through a handful of new investigators and two young couples are progressing a lot in little time and I'm ready to go swimming. Nelson is inactive but we started meeting with him and his pregnant 17 year old girlfriend and he came they came to church  this Sunday and are really excited to have the gospel in their life again. He was like "I want Wendy to be baptized and I want to raise my son in the church because I know that's what our family needs" and I was about to do a backflip because I was so stoked but then I remembered they have to get married first and so I just did a 360, but I am still stoked about them actually. July quit her job and can come to church now. Her daughters are super funny and the oldest one (6) made me a picture, which in kid language means homies for life. So yeah I'm pretty stoked about that too. Life is awesome. If you guys are ever sad you should just decide to be stoked because that's what I do and it's way more fun. Personal update, I'm doing fantastic health wise. And my nails are the nicest they've ever been. A lot of people overlook nail care but not me anymore. Speaking of girly things that guys should do too, purses are so awesome. I have a "shoulder bag" and it's super manly and I look awesome in it but I'm not gonna lie, it's a purse. It's so convenient though I can take everything with me wherever I go and it's right at my hip. Guys, women have been holding out on us, you've got to try these. The food has been pretty basic this week (I ate some rice) but the juice has been a little rowdy. Two different times I had juice that was made by blending the whole fruit including the peel. Orange peel juice is something else man. Well I have twenty minutes to read and respond to mail so I'm cuttin it short. Love you guys!
Elder Downing

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