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Monday, October 27, 2014

Giron Week 21

We had a super awesome week! First I need to fill you in on Lizeht and Rubeiro. We have ben planning an activity to raise money for their marriage, and we realized that we could sell burgers at a multi zone meeting that we had (two zones to be less dramatic). This morning they sold 30 hamburgers and earned the cash they needed! Stay tuned for baptism. They scared me yesterday though. They didnt come to church, and We tried passing by twice and got rejected. His mom is here for the week and told us he doesn't want to go forward with this. His neighbor is the elders quorom president and he passed by and told us the same thing. I was praying super hard that Rubeiro would remember the personal testimonies that he has received, and later that night he called us. We made plans for the activity today, and he said for sure he wants to get baptized. He just had cold feet I guess. But Giron is typically hot, so they warmed up again pretty quick. In other news, my zone leader is from Murrieta! Crazy right? I found out when we were bowling today and we were both freaking out. Also he played water polo for two years, so that means I played his team. He went to vista. I drank beat carrot juice and it was an experience. Sometimes I wonder if it's better to eat healthy or just die young. Speaking of health, I'm giving a 10 min speech in front of about 500 kids about health. We are presenting to a bunch of different schools here about health, family, charity, and honor the law. So pretty cool I guess. Ill let you know how it went and give more detail next week. I got completely airborn in the bus today from hitting a bump (since wednesday, I have taken the bus 14 times). Also there was a scary dog on one of the buses this week, so that was cool. Love and miss you all.

Love Elder Downing

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