Colombia Bogota North Mission

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CCM Week 5

4 more days and I'm in the field! I'm way excited even though I'm still terrible at spanish. The last 10 days I've had a companion from Colombia. Elder Zuluaga. We're pretty different but we're doing pretty well. Also Iv'e been in a district of all latinos. The first few days were super hard but I've adjusted and started comprehending a lot more. The first days were like getting punched in the brain though. The guys in my district and the other latinos too are all really fun. It's so easy to make them crack up. I told them I'm from Cuzco Peru and my girlfriend is an alpaca a week ago, and they still ask me about her and crack up. There's a ton of other funny stuff but theres too much to write about in only a few minutes. I ate spinal cord. That was cool. We had pork one day with a piece of the spine and spinal cord in it and another kid from colombia said his parents like it so i tried it. It's fatty. Also theres a fruit that I like that you have to crack like an egg then slurp slimy seeds out of a sack. It's really weird and I think it's called granadilla. We went proselyting (don't know how to spell it in english) again yesterday and it was so cool! The whole time even though I was way happy, like crazy happy even though we got rejected a ton. The times where we connected with people made it so awesome. I wish I could go back out there right now! Once again I don't have time to tell all the details but it made me so excited to go out into the field. I just wish my spanish was good enough to connect with the people more but I'm patient. I've realized that things are as good or as bad as you make them. I had a really hard first few days in the latino district and just decided to make it better and it was even though nothing changed. So I'm trying to have a good mind set and asking for the Lord's help in everything and it's all turning out good. My testimony has grown a ton haha. It's like the hulk now. Sometimes I'll just be reading my scrips and want to highlight the whole page because they're so bomb. I'm way excited to share the gospel with the people here next week. I'm sure I'll have problems and challenges but and get destroyed by spanish even more but I can't wait. Partially because I've had all the classes here for two or three times but also for good reasons like eternal salvation. Sometimes I wish I could just take a break and relax with freinds and family but I know this is where I need to be and so I'm working hard (most of the time). Working hard is really hard though. Anyways all is good in colombia (game tomorrow so everyone's stoked) and I hope it's good in America too.

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