Colombia Bogota North Mission

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Giron Week 8

Today is my two month-iversary! So basically I'm almost home. Wow that was fast. Really though the last week has gone by really fast. I'm starting to finally connect with some of the people, and it's a lot more fun when you have friends. The people here are surprisingly similar to people in the U.S. way more than I expected. Some customs and the language are different but it's funny because a lot of people remind me of people from home. There's a Colombian Nic Pepe and a girl that reminds me of Lindsey Sughroue (except that she's not in love with me) and everyone is way more normal than I thought they'd be. Lessons in the last week have almost all been really good. It's awesome to see people progressing and developing testimonies. We didn't have a lot of lessons though because we had to do kiosks four times. Kiosks are signs that have a question like “why am I here on Earth” or “how can I make my family happier and stronger” and others and we stand by the sign for two hours and try to talk to people and try to get their info to teach them. We don't have permission to do it in our city so we get hard core rejected by a million people to get references that we'll never visit. It helps other Elders and the people but it's hard. I've been really happy though (when i'm not super tired) and I've been having good time and enjoying the little things. I still don't understand a lot and that's hard but I'm used to it. I spoke full speed english with one of my zone leaders when he was here one day and it was super weird. I was like “wow I know how to talk?” It was also weird that it was weird so just a lot of weirdness. I'm supposed to have 30 minutes -1 hour of language study a day but so far I've had 0 hours for reasons that are boring to explain so hopefully when I start doing that next week I'll be fluent. I'm a lot uglier than I used to be. After hiking up and down mountains and getting sweaty and red faced, I'll look in a reflective window sometimes and 100% of the time I'm ugly. That's taking some getting used to but it's fine. The food is still a little below decent. Half of the meal is always rice. The juice is usually kind of gross and salad here is just sliced onions and tomatoes with vinegar. In my head while the food is being blessed I also pray that it won't be gross and that I can eat it all. I think I ate intestines in soup yesterday. That or my companion lied. Google the fruit “granadilla” it's my new favorite. No crazy stories yet. So far a couple stray dogs have gotten a little over dramatic with us but no attempted bites or gun shots or kidnappings. I'm disappointed but i'm patient.

Elder Downing

Laundry day
new favorite fruit: granadilla
The cool fish shower curtain

napping with the beloved fan

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