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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cucuta Week 27

Ok so this week we don't have much news so I'll throw in some cool bonus info and stuff. I hope you enjoy. Viviana and Mateo, Leidy and Paola, and Yasmin all had baptismal dates for the 6th but none of them got baptized. It's whatevs because we're going to baptize them all super hard in the next couple weeks. Leidy needs to get married, Viviana needs to quit smoking, Yasmin needs to go to church more consistently, and Adrian (baptism date for the 13th) needs his inactive family to start going to church again. A few small problems but we're getting there, or in spanish "alli vamos" the new favorite song of my companion. We always hear it in the street. The only news is that no one got baptized, but other than that things are pretty much the same.

I've been asked about my apartment by a few people (my mom) and so I'll throw in some details. It's one of the nicest apartments in the zone and we have a washing machine which is rad. We don't have a toaster though so I make bread on a pan, which is the spanish word for bread, so it makes sense I guess. But sometimes I get to tired to fry my toast so I just eat plain slices of bread.

I bought an adidas watch last week for 5 bucks. There's a lot of knock off and Venezuelan imports here so you can buy stuff really cheap. Elder Wong (from Peru) bought a Gucci shirt. Sometimes they spell gucci wrong though so you have to be careful. The watch I bought is original though, the guy told me.

So everyone (seriously everyone) has or has had chinkungu├▒a (a virus). Including me. And it's super funny to hear all these remedies that these people have. One family was telling me how when their kids have a fever they make them go outside and play soccer. I always thought rest and lots of fluids was the key, but I guess high intensity exercise is better. Nothing better to bring down a fever like running around in the sun in 85 degree weather. I just like to listen and nod though. I think Charles Darwin would do the same.

I watched the christmas devotional last night in the stake center here. Adrian went with us. It was really good. My companion turned to me when the choir was singing and was like "I don't understand" and I turned to him and said "me either". Honestly I had no clue what the choir was saying. Am I the only one that has a hard time understanding motab? I mean I love motab just like you guys, but for some reason I can hardly ever make out what they are singing.

Speaking of singing I've been doing it a lot. Songs like "I'm dreaming of a white person christmas" and other classics. It's great that everyone gets so fired up for christmas. Last night, the streets here were full with candles. The people here put them in front of their houses the night of the 7th to welcome the virgin into their homes. People here are pretty catholic.

Being a missionary this time of year is cool. We can help people understand the true meaning of christmas and why it is so important in their lives. Many people don't realize that Christ was given as their redeemer and that by following Him, they will be happy. We are trying to teach as many people as we can about Christ and His miraculous birth, life, death, and resurrection. Merry almost Christmas everyone! And happy birthday grandpa!

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