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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cucuta Week 28

Transfers! Im staying. So we don't have many changes in our zone. Last transfer, I was the only white person in the whole zone, with 3 latinos who speak english (one was born in the states and is Mexican, the others were born in central america). And now, the elder from the states, and one of the other elders who speaks english got transferred. And the zone is getting more latinos and a new elder whose race is unknown still. So rad I guess, if you don't like white people.

Even worse though is that ants ate my cake. So in our apartment there are lots of little ants. They're actually kind of cute because their really small. They're evil though. They bite and leave huge welts that itch for days and they destroy any food we leave outside of the fridge. I had my cake in a ziplock freezer bag and I thought it was safe, but they chewed a giant hole in the bag to get to the cake! I spent the next few minutes torching them with a lighter, so we're even for now but stay tuned.

So a lot of people (my mom) have been asking me about my health since i was sick a few weeks ago. I've been super healthy! My companion has been a little off though. His stomach was so bad one day we had to take a taxi back to the house because he couldn't make it walking. But yeah, I haven't puked or had to take Imodium so I'm doin great.

We did a service project (helping a guy build his house) and I got to break down a wall with a pick axe (if that's what it's called).It was sweet. It felt so good to work with our hands and get dirty (really dirty) and have a break from all the talking and teaching. Derek like smash!

I can tell it's christmas time because everyone is staring to hang up their virgen mary banners in front of their houses. We've been caroling in parks and in front of malls and spreading all kinds of christmas cheer. Our investigators are pretty much in the same rut as they were last week (Viviana told us about her boyfriend so now we have two difficulties with her) so I won't take too much of your (my) time.

I love you all, Elder Downing

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