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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cucuta Week 30 December 29

On christmas this year I got three things, A loaf of bread, sick, and hundreds of ants in my bed! What a christmas! But as we all know, christmas isn't about receiving it's about giving. As for our investigators this week, no one progressed or went to church, Pretty much everyone was out of town or super busy last week so we did a lot of walking. I guess it was pretty cool though if you like walking a lot. Christmas eve was the best day, a family invited us over for lunch and we ate potato salad and ham so it was sweet! Then I got to Skype my family! So it was super weird because I was trying to introduce my companion to my family, and I got super mixed up on what language I was speaking. I started speaking spanish to my family, then I was like oh they don't speak spanish, so I turned to my companion to talk to him but I started speaking english, and I just kept going back and forth like that, with no one understanding me until I stopped and recovered. Then I did it again. It was super weird.

So it was so cool to see everyone, first Skype of the mission, how adorable. I was looking through everyone like, oh cool, there's my sister, oh cool, there's my brother, and then I saw my main homie, Big J, and I realized how much I missed him. And then after the call, I wasn't even that homesick or sad, I was just like "wow I wish I could have talked more with Jordan". But Mom, it was great to talk to you too!

So about my christmas gifts, In the morning I got sick (I'm still sick) but it's just a nasty cold so it's not too bad. I'm still out here baptizing. In the afternoon, a guy gave us a loaf of christmas bread. He's a baker. He's a nice man. And at night, I got a visit from hundreds of ants! About a week ago, they invaded Elder Valladares' bed, but I didn't think they'd invade mine too. But they did! They attacked on christmas, the same tactic that George Washington used to turn the tide of the revolutionary war. These ants seem to know their war tactics. So yeah I slept with hundreds of ants crawling all over me and my bed and biting me. Merry Christmas. Christmas was rad though because I bought a big bottle over pony malta. I tried to share with Elder Bartlome but he said it tastes like horse pee. I was like "yeah that's what pony malta means in english"

I hope you guys have a great new year. I'm setting some big plans and gearing up to baptize all of Colombia in 2015. It's happening. nah, but really I'm trying to be the be more like the savior each day, I hope that makes it on all of our lists of new years resolutions. My other resolution is gain 35 lbs. Stay tuned. By the way that's a joke (kind of). Love you guys

Love Elder Downing

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